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The company is an authorized provider of ferrous arri non-ferrous scrap materials, which are ethically procured frorm the most reliable sources across the country. At our state-of-the-art site, we have highly expenerced and qualified staff that pays attention to detail, and follow strict guidelines for ensurirg the adherence to rules and procedures set out by the highest bodies. Also, we have the latest packaging and distribution means to carry out the safe transit of consignments.

The Waste Care Links specialize in trading and exporting various grades of ferrous, non-ferrous, metal, plastic and papr scrap. Scraps industries , Inc. trades and sources materials from local and reable vendors and we make sure it meets with the best quality for our clients in various part of the world. We provide a comprehensive service to all our custumer with the competitive prices and just in time to meet out custumers demands.

We The Waste Care Links are well -established scrap buyers and services provider company in delhi. Established in 2005. We have earned a reputation through our work, dedication, friendly and courteous services. We specialize in variuos scrap buying services and help our clients to fetch the best value of the scrap. We are commited to providing our clients premium quality, cost-effective,credible and timely execution of our services. We help you bwith all kind of scrap buying services from the demolition of buildings to papaer shredding, others like M.S. Iron, S.S. Iron, Plastics, Electronics


Service levels, lntegnty, commitment and timelyy delivery are the mainstays of our business strategy. As part of the ever-expanding recycling companies around the world, one of our key strengths lies in our undetstanding of the needs of our precious patrons. We are enhancing the supplier value by laying a provision fOr flexible payments and exercising an innovative approach to help our customers. Moreover we believe that the best possible service to maximize the value and return for each customers scrap material is by commiting overselves to the strict quality controlled environment This has led to the long-term partnerships with our overseas clients and local suppliers.


We are committed to protect nature while executing on its main goal of reusing waste and addng to the economy with upgraded re-use,and excellent reused items.to be completely consistent with every single natural standard and guidelines as appropriate to squander reusing. to keep its clients completely mindful of the reusing endeavors attempted by it also, put resources into frameworks and procedures to follow and give follow capacity of transfer to its cl ents. We will ceaselessly put resources into more up to date advances and systems of reusing of e-Waste and endeavor to make our condition greener, more secure and a progressively manageable future.

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