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Waste Care Links

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Waste Recycling Services in Delhi

Waste Care Links Dedicated to Recycling Resources

The company is an authorized provider of ferrous arri non-ferrous scrap materials, which are ethically procured frorm the most reliable sources across the country. At our state-of-the-art site, we have highly expenerced and qualified staff that pays attention to detail, and follow strict guidelines for ensurirg the adherence to rules and procedures set out by the highest bodies. Also, we have the latest packaging and distribution means to carry out the safe transit of consignments.

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Our range of services include Paper Shredding Service, Old Documents Need to shred or dispose off in delhi ncr....

Home / Office
Shredding Service

Home shredding services are helpful for small businesses, as well....

Hard Drive
Destruction Service

As your leading Hard Drive destruction company, The Waste Care Links has markets nationwide...

Waste Recycling

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the destruction of unwanted electronic devices...

Wet Waste

Wet waste is all the kitchen waste that we produce. This can include vegetable peels, used tea, fruits, leftovers, etc. These are basically biodegradable organic waste that can also be composted. Dry waste comprises of things like paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, Styrofoam, rubber, metal, food packaging material, etc.

Dry Waste

Dry waste consists of waste that does not decay. It is also known as waste which cannot be biodegradable. Dry waste consists of paper, glass, thermocol, Styrofoam, rubber, metal, cloth, empty bottles, stationeries, etc. and can be recycled into new products further.

Hard Plastic Waste

Plastics are usually recycled mechanically: they are sorted, cleaned, shredded, melted and remoulded. Each time plastic is recycled this way, its quality is degraded. When the plastic is melted, the polymer chains are partially broken down, decreasing its tensile strength and viscosity, making it harder to process.

Polythene Waste

Plastic recycling is the method of gathering waste plastic and reconverting them to new and useful plastic products. The world produces and makes use of more than a trillion pounds of plastic material. Plastic recycling ensures that this massive amount of plastic does not go to waste. Instead, you can reprocess the materials to get other products.


Service levels, lntegnty, commitment and timelyy delivery are the mainstays of our business strategy. As part of the ever-expanding recycling companies around the world, one of our key strengths lies in our undetstanding of the needs of our precious patrons.

OUR Mission

We are committed to protect nature while executing on its main goal of reusing waste and addng to the economy with upgraded re-use,and excellent reused items.to be completely consistent with every single natural standard and guidelines as appropriate to squander reusing.

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